Foot patch suitable for people

Foot patch suitable for people

1. Beauty crowd
2. Constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor
3. Sub-health status group
4. Computer workers, people with high work pressure and long-term radiation exposure
5. Those who stand or walk for a long time
6. People with pain and swelling in the neck, shoulders, waist, and legs
7. Those who are tired of feet and legs

Foot patch Mechanism of action

1. The foot detox patch acts on the sole of the foot and related meridian reflection areas. Bamboo vine essence and other components penetrate and participate in the circulatory system. During the circulation process, the toxins retained in the cells in the body are adsorbed and placed at the foot acupoints and related meridians. The reflective area (or other joints) intercepts the body’s waste, waste fluid and grease from the acupuncture points, and dispels the bamboo vinegar bag, effectively removing toxins and moisture accumulated in the body.

2. In a short time, it can eliminate skin spots and acne, improve constipation, eliminate bad breath, foot odor, shape body, reduce blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, improve skin gloss, improve sleep and delay aging. Sticking to the joints can relieve pain and fatigue, and has a very good effect on arthritis, cervical spondylitis, etc.

3. The foot patch discharges the moisture and toxins in the human body from the soles of the feet, and can also decompose the fats in the body into oil ions, which can be pulled out from the soles to achieve the function of weight loss.

4. The foot patch can suck out unnecessary water, lymph fluid, waste oil from the body and turn into a turbid liquid. When you feel tired or have pain and discomfort, after using this patch, the patch pocket will turn brown or Dark brown, waste oil and waste liquid are all sucked out.

5. The common rheumatism, cold pain, swelling, stiff legs, sprains, etc. in the elderly will have a good effect after sticking. Through detoxification, the pain will be reduced and the edema will disappear; for shoulder pain, backache, joint pain, etc. The symptoms also have a good effect.

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